Commercial models Technical Specification Cards

Ensayos Modelo Físico

CORMIX, VISUAL PLUMES and VISJET software Technical Specification Cards for brine discharge are now available and can be downloaded.

MEDVSA Online Simulation Tools

Modelización: C. Lejano

MEDVSA online simulation tools are now available and can be freely run (MEDVSA-IJETG: single port jet, and MEDVSA-MJETS: multiport jet discharge)

WHAT IS MEDVSA”: A Methodology for the design of brine discharges into seawater?

MEDVSA is a R&D Project, of the National programme of Experimental Development. Natural resources sustainable management subsector. Research & Development Spanish National.

The increase of desalinated water production in Spain, the negative impacts of brine on marine ecosystems, together with the recent environmental concerns regarding brine management and the lack of legislation, justifies the urgent need to develop a methodology in order to improve brine discharge system designs which guarantee the marine environmental protection. The R&D project “MEDVSA” is conceived with this main objective in mind, financed by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs. The project “MEDVSA: Development and implementation of a Methodology to reduce the brine discharge environmental impact” aims to make compatible the use of desalination as an important water resource in some Spanish coastal areas, with the environmental protection of the marine areas, while following Sustainable Development principles.

“MEDVSA” is a R&D project, subsidized by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs of Spain. IH Cantabria and CEDEX are collaborating in order to develop a methodology to improve the design of the brine disposed into the seawater, to guarantee the marine environmental protection.