Real Brine Discharges

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Real Brine Discharges


Physical models can not faithfully reproduce every phenomenon that occurs in the prototype. For this reason it is necessary to select those phenomena that are considered more relevant and to design the model to reproduce them. As a result, there are some phenomena that are reproduced badly; these deviations to the behaviour of the prototype are called scale effects.

A previous analysis of the design of each physical model can give clues about the aspects in which the scale effects are expected, but the only way to measure them and to make the necessary corrections is to perform some field works. In our case, to measure the salinity and velocity fields at the influence zone of some discharges desalination plants in operation.

The resultant field works data base is the reference key to achieve four main objectives:

1) To improve our understanding of the most relevant processes and variables involved in the discharge and their behaviour.
2) To calibrate and validate simple numerical models.
3) To validate the methodology of design.

The field work and physical model measurements are treated with an exhaustive quality control to guarantee data are valid for the objective proposed. Parametric studies, adjustment of the semi-empirical formulation, analysis of the possible scale effects and calibration and validation of the models are carried out from database.

This task has been carried out by the CEDEX.