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brIHne (MEDVSA) Online Simulation Tools


The critical assessment and the validation of commercial models carried out within the MEDVSA project have revealed significant limitations and a poor agreement with experimental data when simulating brine discharges.

To remedy the shortcomings detected in commercial models, the Environmental Hydraulics Institute (IH Cantabria) has developed “BrIHne” tools, focused on brine discharge simulations.

BrIHne models are based on dimensional analysis and integration of differential equations mathematical approaches and simulates discharges through single and multiport jets, covering the near and the far field regions. They present an optimized interface, easy to run, and provide a very detailed “pdf” Result Report with the flow characteristic and variables evolution, with graphical and analytical results.

An important advantage of “brIHne” tools is that they have been re-calibrated with experimental data obtained by non-intrusive optical techniques in experimental tests carried out in the IH Cantabria. PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) and PLIF (Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence) have been applied, measuring synchronized velocity and concentration instant values within the flow, with a high quality and a large time and spatial resolution.

Each “brIHne” model included the following complementary information:
- Document of Technical Specifications.
- Table of optimized input data for actual brine discharge designs.

“BrIHne” models are available and can be online run from the website:, in both Spanish and English. The free access to these tools is obtained by a training course provided by the IH Cantabria. For more information regarding “brIHne” tools and the upcoming training course, you can visit or contact us at