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Methodological Guide


As the main result of the “MEDVSA” R&D project, a Methodological Guide has been developed in order to provide a complete methodology which allows improving the designs and studies of brine discharges into the sea. It is targeted at developers, designers and environmental authorities.

The Guide integrates the research results and the tools developed, describing the aspects related to brine discharges: effluent characterization, location, marine climate, discharge system configuration, numerical modeling, impact assessment, monitoring programmes, etc.

This guide pretends also to be a tool useful to carry out more rigorous Environmental Impact Studies, guaranteeing the protection of the marine environment and ecosystems affected by desalination projects. It focuses on the Mediterranean Sea brine discharges but can be adapted to any desalination plant worldwide.

To describe the methodology developed to design brine discharges, a scientific paper is being developed and will be provided in the present website in the immediate future. The paper will describe the methodological steps to carry out and the complementary tools elaborated in order to minimize the potential negative impact of brine on the marine environment.