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Climate Scenario


The brine discharge behaviour in the seawater depends on the ambient conditions in both the near and the far field regions.
Modeling of brine discharge behavior requires defining the scenarios to be simulated. To be representative of the real conditions, the scenarios require to be developed from long time series of marine conditions.

In the framework of MEDVSA project, a Marine Climate Atlas has been developed by the IH Cantabria to define the ambient scenarios for brine discharges in the Spanish Mediterranean Sea, following the next steps:

1. Identification of the variables with the highest influence on brine discharge behaviour: sea salinity and temperature, and ambient currents intensity and direction, waves, depending on the discharge location and configuration.
2. Selection of the ambient variables depending on those considered by the existing simulation models.
3. Definition of the area of interest, in this case, the Spanish Mediterranean region.
4. Selection of the marine climate databases with the longest time series available.
5. Statistical characterization of the variables to determine the probability associated to each value.
6. Criteria to select representative multidimensional variable scenarios, considering the most frequent and less favourable situations.

A Marine Climate report has been developed for the Spanish Ministry of the Environment, at the moment only available in Spanish. At the moment, the Climate Atlas and the report is only available in Spanish and can be downloaded from the Spanish version of the present website.